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    Xiamen Kitchen Industry, Customized Home Furnishing Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Patent Brand Experience Exchange Conference Held
    Time:2016-11-17 Browsing volume: 46
    On the afternoon of November 14, the "Xiamen Kitchen and Kitchen Industry, Customized Home Furnishing Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Patent Brand Experience Exchange Conference" jointly organized by the Xiamen....

    On the afternoon of November 14, the "Xiamen Kitchen and Kitchen Industry, Customized Home Furnishing Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Patent Brand Experience Exchange Conference" jointly organized by the Xiamen City Kitchen Industry Association, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone Management Committee, and the Xiamen City Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association , Held in the meeting room of the Management Committee of Xiamen Free Trade Zone.

    Zhao Xiaobo, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, Cao Haibo, Assistant Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, Xu Haiming, Secretary-General of Xiamen Kitchen Industry Association, Intellectual Property Service Experts, Enterprise Representatives of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, Xiamen City Kitchen Industry Association Representatives of member units, representatives of member units of Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association, as well as personnel from relevant bureaus of Xiamen Free Trade Zone Management Committee, teachers and students of intellectual property-related colleges and universities attended the exchange meeting. The meeting was chaired by Sun Hongyu, head of the Intellectual Property Office of the Management Committee of Xiamen Free Trade Zone.


    (The scene of the exchange meeting)

    It is understood that this exchange meeting was proposed by Xu Haiming, secretary general of the Xiamen City Kitchen Industry Association. Xu Haiming said that Xiamen's kitchen and bathroom patents are among the best in the country, especially in terms of invention patents. Xiamen has 3,000 kitchen and bathroom invention patents, ranking first in the country.

     In 2015, among the top 10 companies in Xiamen's patent applications, sanitary ware accounted for 3 companies. In the Xiamen kitchen and bathroom industry, there is a company with rich experience and fruitful results in patents and brand operations. It is necessary for the industry to learn from each other's strengths. The purpose of holding this experience exchange meeting is to give full play to the role of innovation driving and brand leadership, and to enhance the intellectual property creation, management and operation capabilities of Xiamen Free Trade Zone and the city's key industries.

    China's Xiamen (kitchen and bathroom) rapid intellectual property rights protection center is expected to be listed by the end of the year

    At the exchange meeting, Zhao Xiaobo, deputy director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, made a speech. Zhao Xiaobo pointed out that the country is paying more and more attention to intellectual property rights, which is a very good thing for enterprises, and enterprises must seize the opportunity. However, invention patents should not only focus on quantity, but should also be considered from the perspective of practicality. They must be in line with the country’s leading industries. They must not only be well designed and patented. The later manufacturing level and quality are also very important. Patent, The three links of manufacturing and rights protection must be done well.


    (Zhao Xiaobo, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, delivered a speech)

    In his speech, Zhao Xiaobo said that the Xiamen Free Trade Zone Management Committee will also actively introduce industry associations as third-party service and supervision agencies, establish and improve various rights protection information channels and platforms, and help companies protect intellectual property rights. He also revealed that China's Xiamen (kitchen and bathroom) rapid intellectual property rights protection center will strive to be officially listed by the end of this year.

    It is reported that after the establishment of the center, it will provide a "one-stop" intellectual property service platform that integrates the functions of quick confirmation, quick authorization and quick rights protection of intellectual property rights for the Xiamen kitchen and bathroom industry. Among them, the design patent examination procedure can be shortened from March to June to one month, and the dispute settlement period of patent rights protection cases can be shortened from four months to one month, and at the same time, the determination of patent invalidity cases can be accelerated.

    Efforts to build Xiamen into a technological innovation highland in the kitchen and bathroom industry in the country and the world

    In his speech, Cao Haibo, assistant to the director of Xiamen Free Trade Zone Management Committee, briefed China on the construction of the Xiamen (kitchen and bathroom) rapid intellectual property rights protection center. Cao Haibo introduced that since the establishment of the Xiamen Free Trade Zone, it has attached great importance to intellectual property work, and has made a lot of efforts and attempts in intellectual property support, reward, and protection. In July this year, with the joint efforts of all parties, the State Intellectual Property Office settled the rapid protection center for intellectual property rights in the kitchen and bathroom industry in the Xiamen Free Trade Zone, and established the Xiamen (kitchen and bathroom) rapid protection center for intellectual property rights in China.

    This is the 9th rapid rights protection center in the country, the first in each free trade zone and the only rapid rights protection center in the kitchen and bathroom industry. This is an important achievement of the Xiamen Free Trade Zone to vigorously promote intellectual property work, and an important platform for further reform and innovation of the Free Trade Zone, and it is a major benefit to the Xiamen kitchen and bathroom industry.


    (Cao Haibo, Assistant Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, delivered a speech)

    Throughout the experience of various regions, the leading role of intellectual property in the development of various industries is very obvious. China's Xiamen (Kitchen and Bathroom) Intellectual Property Right Protection Center will forcefully promote the technological innovation, right confirmation and protection of Xiamen's kitchen and bathroom industry.

    Cao Haibo hopes that Xiamen kitchen and bathroom enterprises can use the platform of China's Xiamen (Kitchen and Bathroom) Intellectual Property Right Protection Center to unite and cooperate to jointly commit to industrial development, and strive to build Xiamen into a technological innovation highland for the kitchen and bathroom industry in the country and the world.

    The implementation of innovation to the specific is intellectual property

    Xu Haiming, secretary-general of the Xiamen Kitchen Industry Association, pointed out in his speech that among the six sanitary ware production areas in the country, the number of patents of the sanitary ware companies in the Xiamen production area ranks second in the country, and the number of invention patents ranks first in the country.

    Among them, Xiamen Songlin Technology Co., Ltd. is the company with the most patents in Fujian Province and the company with the most invention patents in the sanitary industry. In 2015, Songlin had more than 270 invention patents.


    (Xu Haiming, Secretary-General of Xiamen Kitchen Industry Association, delivered a speech)

    Xu Haiming said that the competition in the future will be the competition of innovation, and the implementation of innovation will be intellectual property rights. The most important thing for innovation is to control intellectual property rights in one's own hands. Only by mastering innovation and mastering intellectual property rights can we master the core. Most of Xiamen sanitary ware companies are OEM companies, whose core is innovation, technology, and patents. Therefore, intellectual property rights are particularly important for Xiamen sanitary ware companies. The establishment of China's Xiamen (Kitchen and Bathroom) Intellectual Property Right Protection Center is a great blessing for Xiamen's kitchen and bathroom industry and all kitchen and bathroom enterprises in Xiamen.

    Patents only need technology

    At the meeting, Huang Yuanfang, head of intellectual property rights of Xiamen Songlin Technology Co., Ltd., shared patent application and operation experience. Huang Yuanfang said that Songlin was the first batch of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises, the first sanitary ware company to submit an international design application through the Hague system, and the only one to win the four major design awards in the world (Germany iF, Red Dot, and the United States). IDEA, Japan G-Mark) Chinese sanitary ware companies. At present, Songlin has applied for 2,364 domestic and foreign patents, and PCT applications rank first in Fujian Province.


    (Huang Yuanfang, Head of Intellectual Property, Xiamen Songlin Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech)

    Why can Songlin obtain so many patents? Huang Yuanfang explained that, first, "there is a technology to have a patent." As early as the establishment of the company, Songlin took "KT (Innovative Technology) + ID (Creative Design)" as the company's core strategy. Around 2000, the company turned the original OEM model into an IDM model, forming a new core strategy of "KT (innovative technology) + ID (creative design) + IDM (innovation, design, high-end manufacturing)". Secondly, just like operating a company, when managing and operating patents, it is also necessary to formulate policies and objectives. Finally, Huang Yuanfang also gave a detailed interpretation of Songlin's patent strategy, patent application process, patent analysis and research, patent risk infringement early warning, patent dispute handling process, patent management practices, etc.

    Accurate positioning is the key to brand success

    As one of the representatives of Xiamen's well-known brands, gold-brand kitchen cabinets have a high brand awareness and influence at home and abroad, and many upper-class families in society are using gold-brand kitchen cabinet products. And this is inseparable from the unique brand operation mode of gold kitchen cabinets. At the exchange meeting, Liu Guangxiong, assistant to the brand director of Xiamen Gold Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd., shared the secrets of the successful brand operation of the Gold Kitchen Cabinet in these years.


    (Liu Guangxiong, Assistant Brand Director of Xiamen Gold Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd., delivered a speech)

    Liu Guangxiong said that the gold medal kitchen cabinet was founded in 1999. It has focused on kitchen cabinets for 17 years and is committed to more professional high-end kitchen cabinets. Gold kitchen cabinets attach great importance to brand building, and the company has a clear brand strategic positioning. Combined with "positioning theory",

    The gold medal kitchen cabinet has formed a brand strategic positioning of "taking advantage, knowing the way, and superior skills", and accurately positioning from the main categories, competitors, customer recognition, and communication audiences.

    Liu Guangxiong also shared the successful brand event cases of gold medal kitchen cabinets in recent years, including inviting famous film and television star Li Bingbing as the spokesperson, planning "My dear, let's go home for dinner" China Love Cooking Day charity event, and naming various David TV variety shows , Participating in the Shanghai International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, and the gold medal kitchen cabinet service season, etc., illustrate the important role of brand events in brand building. In the face of the rapid increase in the number of new media users, Liu Guangxiong revealed that the gold cabinet is currently actively exploring the use of new media for brand marketing.

     Next, Zheng Chaocai, a well-known expert in the field of intellectual property and chairman of Fujian Wealth Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd., and Zhang Songting, director of Xiamen Capital Junhe Patent Office, also gave detailed answers to specific questions about patent applications for plumbing, kitchen and bathroom applications. At the end of the exchange meeting, in response to the patent and brand issues frequently encountered by kitchen and bathroom enterprises, on-site business representatives also had an interactive exchange with experts.


    (Zheng Chaocai, Chairman of Fujian Wealth Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. delivered a speech)
    (Speech by Zhang Songting, Director of Xiamen Capital Junhe Patent Office)
    (On-site interactive exchanges between kitchen and bathroom business representatives and experts)
    (Group photos of leaders, experts, and staff attending the meeting)

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